Dr stephen ferguson -unbearable oedema and arthritis cured- live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from peripheral oedema, burning toes and arthritis. I had pain all over my body. My limbs were so tender, and very achy, the joints very stiff and crackly. I had fluid retention in certain parts of my body, I had a swollen ankle. My pulse rate was also high; actually this was changing depending on how well I was, it would go up and drop suddenly. I gained a lot of weight and it was very hard to lose it. Unfortunately, I could not exercise because my body was not well enough. My skin was also discolouring in some parts especially my face, neck and hands. I was becoming really distressed because of the illness. There was not much I could do for myself as I could even barely walk; my toes were such a pain that shoes became a problem. There is nothing much my GP could do for me apart from prescribing strong pain killers.


I read about Dr Stephen Ferguson on you tube, I was basically researching about my illness and symptoms to see if I could get some help.  The live blood test caught my attention, it was the first time I heard about it. I booked an appointment to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson. At the clinic, the first thing that Dr Stephen Ferguson did was to carry out the live blood test, I was nervous about this. The Live blood test revealed that my blood was not so good and therefore Dr Stephen Ferguson had to put me on the 8weeks programme. While on the programme I had to take vitamins and food supplements.  I had to change my diet as well, include more healthy foods and stop the less healthy ones. Two weeks after starting the programme, I could walk faster than I could before which was hilarious, by the middle of the programme, the swelling on my ankle and the lump I had in my knee both gone. I really felt happy about the progress and changes that were going on with my body. My joints felt better too, my skin for once in a very long time was better and the tone was getting back to normal. By the end of the programme, I lost 1stone and this was the icing on the cake since had struggled for quite a long time to lose some weight but with no success. My pulse rate stabilised to normal as well. I am so glad that I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson.


My husband was so surprised at how well I looked after the 8 weeks programme and he has been to the clinic himself and done the live blood test. I will continue taking the vitamins and food supplements to keep my health in check. I would recommend anyone who has not been to The Natural Health Clinic to come and try the live blood test, you will not be disappointed.


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