Dr stephen ferguson – multiple sclerosis cured miracle- live blood test

I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from multiple sclerosis. The doctors told me that there was a problem with my spine. I suffered from very intense headaches, fatigue, depression, very bad back pain, constipation and bladder dysfunction. I also had problem swallowing sometimes; felt like my throat was narrowing at times. I used to have constant cough and breathing problems. Heat Intolerance was one of the severe symptoms, I would get random gush of heat and then it disappears after a short while. My life was in shambles and I didn’t know where to turn to. The doctors at the hospital were giving me scares that I might end up in the wheel chair. This left me very devastated, I felt helpless and scared. I kept thinking I was going to die soon.


I came across Doctor Stephen Ferguson on you tube and after listening to people’s testimonies, I thought it wise to see him too. So I came to see him at The Natural Health Clinic for a live blood test. Dr Ferguson told me that my blood was one of the worst. He put me on the 8 weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplements. The doctor advised me to exercises as well to help with my back problem.


I gradually felt better within myself after a few weeks. My back pain reduced, my energy was boosted.  I felt alive again and for once in along time I felt hopeful again. I felt so happy within myself.  My breathing problems reduced, less palpitations and less panting. Most of all my bladder functioning was back to normal. The better I felt the less depressed I became, I gained some happiness at last.



By the end of the 8 weeks programme, all the multiple sclerosis symptoms had completely disappeared. I was a different person. I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for another  check up and this time my blood was a lot better than the first time that Dr gave me a thumbs up. I was so impressed with myself, because I never thought I would be able to accomplish the programme, it was a big challenge to me, and I am so glad I took the first step, it was well worth it, and I feel great and look great. I would recommend the live blood test to anyone I know, it is a life changing experience.


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