Dr stephen ferguson- poor circulation poor vision and back pain cured wonderful- live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from poor circulation, poor vision, and back pain. Poor circulation was the core cause of all the other illnesses and suffering I was going through. I lacked enough blood.  My vision was poor and because of this, it was difficult for me to drive at night. I suffered from cold hands, feet and hands, intense headaches and dizziness. My energy levels were really low. I was tired all the time. My legs were so painful, moving them was really difficult sometimes. I visited various GPs but none offered helpful advice.


I first heard about Dr Stephen Ferguson on Galaxy radio show.  I was carried away by the talk show and I called him during the show and was impressed when he told me that he would certainly be able to help. I called him again and made an appointment to see him.


When I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, he did a live blood test which confirmed that my blood was really in poor condition and it needed boosting. For that reason, he put me on 8weeks programme and gave me vitamins and food supplements. I had to revise my eating habits as well and also include exercises in my daily activities. Shortly after I started on the programme, there was a massive difference in the way I felt. There was progress indeed; the numbness in my toes, feet and lower legs completely gone. The intense headaches have gone down too; I have more energy than I had before. I am so thrilled at such great progress and this has made me realise how important good circulation is in order to achieve good health. By the time I completed the programme, I was such a different person inside and outside. My confidence was so boosted, before I used to shy away and isolate myself.


On my second visit to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, the live blood test showed better blood flow which was so exciting compared to the first. I would recommend everyone who has not done the live blood test to come and do it. This has made me realise that health should be a priority if someone wants happiness with family and friends.



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