Doctor Stephen Ferguson: Psoriasis! Not a problem anymore

I have been diagnosed and suffered from psoriasis for the last 5 years. I am 23 years old of Caribbean descent. I’ve been to the doctors and hospital for treatment but nothing helped for the problem to go away. I lost my confidence, self esteem and eventually became depressed. I kept away from people when I felt down.

My skin looked bad, spotted; sometimes it was blotches of rash like skin that was itchy, burning. My skin looked dry all the time and sometimes dry bits of skin peeled off and I noticed on my bed, chair and on the floor. It was embarrassing to go out. I had to wear clothes that cover well so that my problem wasn’t too noticeable when I went out. I had to be careful not to let my scaly skin fall in public eating places. I actually stopped going out to eat with friends. I was so embarrassed and got fed up with life!

I met Doctor Stephen Ferguson in one of his health seminars. My aunt encouraged me to go for the seminar and then decide if I wanted to make an appointment with him. During the seminar, he also did live blood tests. I was interested. After the seminar, I managed to have a quick chat with Doctor Ferguson, explained what I had and decided to make an appointment to see him at his health clinic.

I talked to him of my problem and my depression. He put me on a programme which I followed. I used the cream on my skin, drank the drinks that was recommended to me and changed my foods that I ate on a regular basis. I started to feel better and better inside me and my skin problem disappeared. My confidence returned. I could go out and socialise with friends and even started going out on dates without feeling embarrassed! I even started an apprentice job and am looking ahead to enjoy a better quality of life!

Doctor Ferguson really helped me. I am so grateful to him. If it hadn’t been for the health seminar and observing the life blood test, I would still be in the same. I stuck to the programme he gave me and have gone back to see him for check-ups. I’ve not had any flare-ups of my skin for the last one year! He is pleased to see my recovery. If you are young man like myself and suffer from psoriasis, I recommend that you visit Doctor Ferguson’s health natural health clinic or listen to his health seminar to make up your mind. I am glad I went!



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