Dr stephen ferguson- I can’t believe I came out of the wheel chair- live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I was disabled. I had spinal problems and spent in hospital a period of about 4 months. I became wheel chair bound with a 24 hour carer to take care of me, giving me personal hygiene putting me in and out of bed. I had a bag full of medicines, different kinds. I was so tired of taking all this medication, I was so fed up of the life that I was living and I could not stop worrying about the future. I became hopeless, I lost hope, I tried to convince myself all the time that this was the kind of life that I was leading for the rest of my life.


A friend of mine invited me to a seminar and I got a chance to meet Dr Stephen Ferguson and I spoke to him personally.  At that time, he advised me to come and see him. So I made an appointment to come and see him. Dr Stephen Ferguson did a live blood test and the results did not surprise me. My blood was not good at all. I was actually terrified at that time, I was shaking, but he assured me that I would get better. I was put on the 8 weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplements. I stopped taking all the other medication from the hospital and the GPs. I followed the programme strictly and I was so delighted when I started feeling better. I became more energetic, I don’t even know how but I started feeling different, the pain in my spine reduced drastically. I slowly started getting off the wheel chair with the help of my carer. I started doing simple exercises, like walking around the house. Eventually I gained more confidence and I started putting myself in and out of bed, but with my carer around to watch me.


Friends and family were so surprised at how great I was, everyone was so happy for me. I decided one day to do thanks giving and got everyone in tears when they saw me out of the wheelchair walking. It was such an emotional day. At the end of the 8 weeks programme, I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, he was delighted, very cheerful. When he did another live blood test the results were amazing, big improvement in my blood. Miracles do happen, I never ever thought in a million years I would get out of the wheel chair. Life is so amazing, Dr Stephen Ferguson is so amazing, I am so happy I came to see him and so grateful to my friend who recommended me and also took me to the seminar.


I have recommended all my friends and family to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson and do the live blood test. It is so life changing.


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