Dr stephen ferguson – suicide was the only answer but now I am cured – live blood analysis

I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson after I was diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue last year. I could barely walk, my bones aching everywhere, felt so heavy. I felt helpless, had to rely on my daughters to do almost everything for me, even basic things. Gps put me on all sorts of medication but not of much help. I even became tired of taking the medicines which made me even more depressed. I was jobless, stayed in bed most of the time. Being sick, helpless, jobless and penniless, turned me into a grumpy old woman, never happy with anyone and very demanding. I became a needy woman and this made my daughters think that I was nagging and almost impossible to live with. I prayed to God to make me better, take away all my pain, and heal me. I had never imagined myself being sick and how sickness could affect me and those around me. I became distant to my friends and family. I envied most of them, watching them enjoying life while I lay in my bed buried in pain. The sad thing is I lost most of them who thought they had had enough.

When I visited The Natural Health Clinic, Dr Stephen Ferguson Carried out a live blood test and my blood was very bad, all clogged with lots of toxic substances. So Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme straight away. He put me on food supplements and vitamins and regular exercising. But the interesting thing was that just after 4 weeks, I lost half a stone. This made me more passionate about the programme. It gave me a sense of belief that I was really going to get better. By 8weeks I felt lighter than I was before; my skin was clearer and looked younger. My BMI fell and my blood sugar was back to normal, my blood pressure normalised as well. I thought I was living a dream but no, it was real. I kept getting better each day and continued to take the food supplements. I even lost more weight, and continued getting even better. Life became interesting once again. I even found a new partner who appreciates me, my friendship with my daughters was back on track, they were happy to see me being happy once again. I was happy with myself. Life is so good, so precious, I never Imagined I would ever be able to do whatever I wanted to do freely again. This is a miracle, Dr Stephen Ferguson did wonders, and I can not thank him enough.

I keep a healthy diet now, follow exactly what Dr Stephen Ferguson tells me because I believe his advice has got me this far.  People keep complimenting me on how nice and young I look.

I asked all my friends and family to do the full body MOT. It is very good to know how well our health is, plus it’s good to keep ones health in check. My daughters are pleased they did it, because they feel better about themselves in different ways for example nice skin, their hair very healthy, very energetic to mention but a few.


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