Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Swollen glands and itchy skin for 5 years! I am totally cured and feel like a new woman! Live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic because I had high blood pressure and as a young woman, I was conscious of my weight.  I could lose a good couple of stones in weight but needed some guidance, motivation and a routine to get me going.  I was also worried […]Read Post ›

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Surgical removal of fibroids (myomectomy), fibroids returned, now shrunk with natural health treatment! Live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic because I was feeling generally unwell.  I was overweight and five to six years ago; I had a myomectomy where my enlarged fibroids were surgically removed but they returned!  My cholesterol levels were very high too. I booked a consultation with Doctor Stephen […]Read Post ›

Doctor Stephen Ferguson: Research on Fibroids and Uterine Fibroids

Reference!backgroundsub:2   Introduction: What are fibroids and uterine fibroids? Fibroids Fibroids are growths or tumours that can occur in any organ of the body.  The term ‘fibroma’ is also used to describe a fibroid tumour which usually does not need to be removed from the body […]Read Post ›

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Rheumatoid arthritis women dependent on strong painkillers for 16 years miraculously got her life back with natural treatment! Live blood test

I suffered with severe rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years.  I was miserable with constant pain and stiffness, anaemia, heart palpitations and fell ill for a couple of weeks every month.  My family was very worried for me.  I constantly went in and out of the GP and hospital.  Over the years my painkillers were increased […]Read Post ›

Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Research on Back Pain

Research on Back pain References   Introduction – What is back pain? Back pain is experienced by most people at some stage in their live.  It affects both young and old and the pain usually stems from the bones, joints, muscles and nerves in the spine.  Back pain may […]Read Post ›